Keep Young Drivers Safe

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

The Wallstreet Journal states “Many parents are riding shotgun with their teens for 40 hours or more to provide the supervised practice required to get a driver’s license in most states. Most do a good job of teaching steering, parking and controlling the car. Parents are not so good, however, at teaching the skills young drivers need to actually avoid accidents, according to new research. Now, there are new techniques and even guides that have grown out of new scientific research into the parent-child dynamic in the car.”

“Laws requiring teen drivers to have supervised practice before getting a license have been adopted in most states since the mid-1990s. Most phase in driving privileges after a parent certifies that the teen has had 40 to 50 hours of supervised practice behind the wheel, usually with a parent, guardian or another licensed driver over age 25. The laws have helped cut teen driving fatalities by nearly half—mainly because teens are driving less and at older ages. ”

The following are ways to help improve your teen’s driving capabilities:

1. Invest in a safe-driving course

2. Get the safest car for your teen driver

3. Implement your own graduated licensing program

4. Have a heart to heart

5. Practice what you preach

6. Discuss driving costs

7. Set a zero-tolerance drinking policy

8. Keep a squeaky-clean driving record

9. Encourage good grades

10. Shop around

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In conclusion, preparing and taking the steps you need to keep your young driver safe on the road starts with you. For more help with safety resources, sign your young driver up for one of our Young Drivers Workshops here: