A Few Quick Fixes for Your Vehicle

As you make your daily travels, you may experience an unexpected hiccup in your adventures. The following are a few tips to help you while traveling on the road.

What to Do When You Have a Flat Tire

If you experience an unexpected flat tire while traveling, here are a few tips for helping you get back on the road:

Find a safe location to pull over.Ensure that you have turned on your hazard lights. Apply your parking brake. Apply the wheel wedges in the front of or behind the tires to further ensure the vehicle doesn’t roll while you fix the flat tire. Remove the hubcap or wheel cover. Loosen the lug nuts. Raise the vehicle with the jack. Unscrew the lug nuts. Remove the flat tire. Place the spare tire on the lug nut bolts. Tighten the lug nuts by hand. Lower the vehicle and tighten the lug nuts with a wrench. Lower the vehicle completely. Replace the hubcap. Put all of the materials you used to change the tire back into the trunk. Check the tire’s pressure. “T-Type” temporary spares, also called “mini-spares,” require 60 psi (420 kPa). If the tire needs pressure, drive (slowly) to a service station immediately. Contact a technician.

What to do When Your Ignition Jams

When your car does not start, it could be attributed to a broken cable clamp or dried battery. A temporary solution until you can make it to the auto shop would be to replace the clamp after cutting the end of the cable or replacing the cable and installing a new clamp. If your experience your key getting jammed in the ignition, you could use oil-based spay to try to unblock it or contact a locksmith immediately.

These are a few tips that you can use while traveling. Be sure to have your vehicle maintenance regularly to extend the life of your vehicle. Stop by Speed Auto Repair to have your preventative maintenance performed soon!